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story of Mara Clara

Chapter 1

Fifteen years passed, Mara grew intelligent, poor, kind but down to earth person, Gary and Lupe blames her. Lupe blames her because she thought since she was born, the bad luck came to them but Karlo and Susan, her mother, was very kind to her while in the other side, Clara grew intelligent, rich, beautiful but she is lack of time in her parents because they are always busy in work which cause her to become spoiled. Mara had a chance to enter the private school exactly where Clara studies. She became a scholar in the school. When the school starts, Mara and Clara became enemies because Clara thought Mara was stealing her spotlight in the class like being the smartest of the class. Unknown to Mara, Clara was the most popular in the campus and the whole school. When a school competition held, Mara and Clara won. This cause their firm friendship but their friends are disagree of their friendship. Desiree, Clara's friend, tells her that Mara only uses her to take her spotlight which is not true.When an election for being president held, Mara and Clara are candidates and actually, Mara won, this cause again Clara to become angry at her. On the other side, Gary worked in a syndicate which the leader is Lover Boy and his fiancé, Lenita. Gary worked here because he will have a big salary, Karlo knew about this and reported to the police, It was later revealed that Karlo had reported them as Lover Boy's personnel told and Gary was also caught talking to Karlo so Lover Boy's gang was chasing them when suddenly, Karlo was shot by his personnel which cause his near death. In the hospital, Mara visited him and Karlo tried to tell her the truth but he was starting having attacks which cause his death, Once again, Gary blames her for Karlo's death, To take justice on his death, Gary also reported the gang and tell the police where the gang hiding exactly which cause Lover Boy's death and his personnels was left in the hand of Lenita. And then, after few days, Mara was punched by Gary because of seeing her and Christian giving her a necklace in Amante's party as Clara reported. This event is caused by Clara's jealousy. Mara and Susan needed to live far away from Gary, so they live only temporarily at the Del Valle's, It makes Clara more angry to Mara, Clara made Mara as her servant.Once, there was a school camping in Mara and Clara's school, It was Father and daughter camping, Amante and Clara was supposed to join but Amante also included Mara, this make again Clara angry. While in the camp, Surprisingly, Gary came, to go also camp with Mara. While in the challenge, Amante had to find sticks but Clara was left behind, and a snake fall on her, so she started shouting, In the other side, Gary and Mara lost the map and compass so when Gary heard Clara shouting, he rushed to her which cause Mara's lost. When a rain fall that night and they are finding including Gary and Amante, Clara go to them and she saw Mara, near the end of the cliff and just holding on a branch of a tree but she didn't help her. After that, she go away and Amante saw her. And then, when they are about to go home, Mara saw Clara's raincoat, like the one she saw when she was about to fall, so she get angry at Clara. In the other side, Lupe didn't stop gambling so her cancer in heart worsened, so she was reccomended to take more rest. In Clara's place, Gary didn't stop harrassing Clara, telling she is the real David and not the real Del Valle, so she went taking in a DNA test with Erris, Christian's friend. The result was, her blood didn't match to Alvira and Amante but she keep on hiding the truth even Erris force her to say the truth, And then, She told a lie to Gary that the result that she is the real Del Valle. In the other side, Karlo visits Lupe thru her dreams because he wanted to correct Mara's misfortune, and then one day, she read Karlo's diary and knew the truth. So she went to school where Mara and Clara studies to see her real granddaughter cause in an accident. Clara lost many blood here but when Alvira and Amante's blood didn't match so Gary came to donate, the accident cause Mara to sent to jail by Alvira. And then, Amante saw Clara talking to Erris about a DNA so he went to her room to look for it and he saw it and he told Alvira the truth and Susan also reads Karlo's diary!

[edit] Chapter 2

When Clara became normal again, Alvira let Mara became free because she jails her own daughter. So this switching of their fortunes was held in the court. And then, the judge decided to return them in their own families, At first, it was hard to live especially for Clara, who had trained to live in a rich life and do not do household chores because Yaya Vonel do all household chores (sometimes Alvira too). This cause Clara really angry to her. Mara had a sweet sixteenth birthday but Clara didn't, so she destroys Mara's party. Because the world for them is scruffy, Alvira and Amante decided to move in States even Mara don't like, so before they go, they had a farewell party or despedida to their friends. This cause Gary and Cristina team up, they plan to block Alvira and Amante to go away from them because Gary still love Alvira and Cristina, Amante's ex girlfriend, still love him. So Gary decided to hire Lenita's personnels to kidnap Mara but his personnels also kidnapped Clara so she can't report them, they didn't know Clara was Gary's daughter. And when they beg for ransom and they were fooled because the money is incomplete, Gary decided to kill Mara by attaching bomb at her. He let Clara free but she still saves Mara and try to remove the chains in her hands but Gary came and he pulled and force Clara to leave her so Mara was left crying and she died. So everybody was mourning for Mara's death but the truth is, Mara was alive and saved by Lenita, Gary's left hand, because she didn't want to kill her, she let Mara free but she slipped while she was walking and she ran fast, but the bomb exploded and causde Lenita's death, so everybody thought the body they found was Mara but it was actually Lenita so they buried Lenita's body thinking it was Mara. Mara was adopted by Nanding and Barang, she pretended to have amnesia so she can't hide from the kidnappers. And the truth is, she called Christian before she collasped in the way so Christian brought her to Nanding and Barang, his dad's friend. Because his parents are divorced, he was not allowed to go there, but secretly, he went on a vacation but his mom, Vanessa, knew about this but she never knew he would had vacation at Nanding and Barang's. He was called "Utoy" by Nanding and Barang when he was young. On the other side, Lupe was attacked by her heart cancer when she knew Gary was included to Mara's death. So Christian keep updating to them so Mara can knew what's happening.

[edit] Chapter 3

One day, Barang heard Christian called the girl they adopted (which is Mara) called her "Mara" (her real name) so the truth revealed so Christian and Mara went back to their families again but Mara still hides and she now hides at Christian's house and Vanessa, Christian's mom, saw her. Vanessa thought Mara was visiting her, she told Clara about Mara's appearance to her and Clara told about this to Alvira. She wonders why Mara visits Vanessa and not to hers which the truth really is, she hides in Vanessa and her divorced husband's room before which she don't want anyone to go there. So, when Mara is in danger, Christian transferred her in an apartment in back of the owner's house which Mara rents while Christian pays. One day, while Alvira is driving with Clara and Clara is talking to Alvira, she accidently bumps into the pineapple vendor, she was brought to the police station and paid all the pineapples and the vendor's wounds. They saw there Lenita's mother, which she asked the police to find her because she is lost for 1 month, as Alvira and Clara looked, Clara recognize she is the kidnapper of her and Mara. So Amante and Alvira tried to hewn (ipinahukay) the grave and to test the blood of buried body to Lenita's mother. So, Amante and Alvira waited. The result was it was Lenita's body! So Alvira, Amante and Susan are happy. On the other side, Christian had knew about it and reported to Mara that they already know the truth. But still, she keeping visiting Lupe to check her status. One day, Clara visited Christian, when Vanessa make snacks for them, she secretly looks at Christian's camera and knew that he is with Mara. So Clara became jealous again. Then, Amante visited the caught kidnapper and asked him the truth, but he will say only the truth if he gaves him 10 million pesos but Amante's money (which is also 10 million) was set to give it to the person who will say where Mara is and how is she. But, Gary outruns Amante and he sent a personnel to give him food with poison cause him to die and pretend to be his wife's friend so he cannot say the truth to Amante. Next to it, Christina called Amante to tell that she is not the one who killed the kidnapper so she wants to see him so when Gary knew it, he outruns again Amante and killed her. So, Amante was accused that he killed Christina. On the other side, Christian tells Susan that he needs a help about Mara. She came along with Christian and met her daughter again. Susan had a plan to go away in a far place and live with her forever. Without telling Christian, Mara leaves a note, telling Christian that she's sorry for what she will do. So when Christian read it, he quickly go to the bus station, knewing if Mara's fine. Susan was about to leave their house when Gary came, so she quickly hides her bag and pretend she is taking care of Lupe. When Gary's drunk and had slept, she quickly run away but before he got drunk, Gary send 2 personnels to follow Susan because he recognize there is something wrong with Susan. While on the way, Susan felt something bad, she thinks someone follows her so she try to lost their ways by losing her own way and then after that, she runs away from them but they still followed her. Mara and Susan lost their ways because they (Gary's personnels) were about to ride the bus they will ride. So, they hide in a bus which is empty and the driver is not there, Gary's personnels tried to look there but they were caught by the driver and was about to go. They try again but they were not allowed to enter without their tickets. On the way, the conductor gets the ticket but Mara and Susan don't have tickets, so Susan pleased the conductor to pay him, she pays big (1 thousand pesos) and she said not to return the change so she and Mara can ride. In the place where they were about to live (which is in Lucena), They ride a boat and accidently fall and drowned, There, Mara met Derrick. Then, Mara and Susan were allowed to work in an inn in the island. Mara worked as a janitor while Susan cooks delicious pancit in the kitchen. One day, while Mara is cleaning, She thought there's a burglar(magnanakaw) in a room, accidently, she snaps Derrick with a mop. The inn keeper being obnoxius to her, even to Susan. Because they are workers, the mayor let them to stay in the inn for free.

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